About the game

From the same creators of Nightstud game series comes a new adult game! This time you must do as many guys as you can!

Work on the streets, be a webcam girl, a call girl or work for a fancy escort agency!

It's a tough and dangerous life! get some protection and take care for your morale not go down... maybe some help from alcohol, anti-depressives, painkillers or drugs can make it easier... but watch out for addiction!

Deal with all kind of clients and their desires (weirdos, gangbangs, etc) and negotiate your prices with them.

Pay your rent on time or suffer the consequences of your landlord! Lot's of random events!

Watch out for std's... how much are you willing to gamble to earn a few more bucks to buy the basics (food) or some luxury items?

Improve your look with some new clothes or maybe something more extreme like increasing breast size or maybe a liposuction?

Stay alive as long as you can earning a living on the "sex industry"

Online Highscores. Try to beat other players around the world!
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Watch out for troublemakers...
Pay the rent on time or
suffer the consequences..
Avoid the police like the plague !
Just another night at work...
Improve your sex skills to earn more !
Never say no to a client !